Exploring auditing and training over the Internet


The iCans blog promotes the broad use of distance training and auditing in the Indie or FZ community. This can be metered or unmetered, using the telephone or preferably Skype and a webcam too. iCans is also the name of a Facebook fan page — please become a fan there if you support the iCans concept.

To find a practitioner, click “Find-an-iPeep” right above.


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  1. I know there is a place for distance auditing.

    I am sure that there will be more and more practitioners making use of Internet connections to help others in remote locations.

    I have used the telephone to help others in trouble on OT V and have received help myself when it was not possible to get to Flag for a repair. I have used telephone non-metered auditing with non-OTs also.

    Using a video setup on Skype would produce even better results as it is easier to communicate with a video link.

    I hope this evolves as an “open source” effort with a minimum of attention on standardization except in the area of nomenclature. By that I mean that every promising avenue should be piloted and reported with complete data on what worked well and what problems were encountered. The names for each arrangement and for the phenomena encountered should be worked out to minimize duplicate names for different functions and phenomena.

    This can be facilitated by creating open committees for discussing nomenclature, technology advances, legal ramifications, project launches and tracking of same…

    With an open committee, anyone can join as long as they contribute. If a schism occurs, the easiest solution is to create an alternative committee and add it to the general list of committees. Better yet, each committee has to create its own website and develop public support by the strengths and applicability of its ideas.

    We may well end up with networks of similar committees with each node linking to those other nodes which support similar goals.

    Comment by David St Lawrence | March 5, 2010

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