Exploring auditing and training over the Internet

More about Maxim’s web auditing and training

I had a Skype chat with him an hour ago. He gave me permission to post this information.

He says that entirely over the web, he has given three people their entire bridge up through OT3, and one of them NOTs too. I assume he did that in Russian. He says he can do Grades and NED in English too.

He made the point to me, as he stated in his comments to the previous article, that supervising remotely like he does only works with people who are Clear or above. In his experience, people who are not Clear tend to have too many ARC breaks and ethics problems and make too many mistakes to be supervised in this way. The supervisor needs to know the tech well and have a strong intention to help people and increase their ability to improve conditions. He also needs high ARC and an excellent ability to confront and control.

Now, obviously distance learning by people who have had no auditing at all has been done for years in non-Scn fields by reputable educational institutions. But the model is different to the one Maxim is using, so that does not invalidate his conclusion that people need to be in good case shape to do training like this.

I am acting more or less as a relay point here. I have not verified his statements with the persons concerned, have not looked in pc folders, have not checked out their (or his) understanding of the theory involved or ability to do the required procedures.

With that proviso, I still find it impressive that he has accomplished what he has.



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