Exploring auditing and training over the Internet

Overcoming barriers to distance auditing

girl with head energyHere are some possible barriers to distance auditing:

1. Barrier: It’s not endorsed by every tech opinion leader. Handling: Screw ’em. Progress marches on. Are you man or mouse? Etc. etc. (This could be better worded!)

2. Barrier: I’m not familiar with Skype | No headset | No webcam. Handling: Telephone a friend with Skype and get talked through the (simple) download and installation. You can use Skype without a headset and webcam. Then get a headset and have the friend talk you through getting it working if needed. Then get a webcam. Then just chat to people, no auditing, until you are happy using Skype generally.

3. Barrier: I’m not happy about metering over Skype. Handling: Drop the meter. Do auditing unmetered.

4. Barrier: We can do Book 1, Self Analysis, and Handbook for Preclears unmetered, but that’s all. It’s not much. Handling: You can do pretty much all the lower Grades unmetered, actually. It just needs a slightly different approach. See the next post, “Auditing Grades without a meter.” There are also procedures that aren’t Hubbard-standard, but we’ll keep quiet about those for now — wouldn’t want to upset the natives.

5. Barrier: I would like to get auditing, but can’t afford it. Handling: Options: (1) Find someone willing to co-audit; (2) Find an auditor in training and willing to do it for free; (3) Work out some kind of non-cash exchange with an auditor.

6. Barrier: I’m a trained auditor and would like to audit online but need help. Handling: Post questions here or at the Workable Technology Forum. Others may be willing to drill with you, especially prospective distance auditors in the same position. People wanting free auditing should be available to practise on.

7. Barrier: I’m scared of OSA finding out and getting disconnected from friends or family still in the CofS. Handling: How would they find out? Skype admin is completely anonymous apart from your username. Your identity here or on the Workable Technology Forum is anonymous if you provide no personally identifying information.

I’ll add more as I come across them. Feedback and suggestions welcome. 🙂



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