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No auditing is better than any auditing. Huh? Shouldn’t that be. . . ?

There is a famous maxim in Scientology, that any auditing is better than no auditing. It is explained well in this basic Clearbird article, “What is Auditing?”

As an absolute it is not always true, but even mediocre auditing is usually better than nothing and excellent auditing can be priceless if it addresses and resolves what the pc needs to fix in his or her life at that point in time.

Let’s look at distance auditing, the subject of this blog. Is it a normal, everyday activity of people who use Scientology in their lives? No, it isn’t. Is it completely off the wall? No, it’s not that either. Some very highly-trained and experienced auditors have made good use of it in their careers.

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages:

• The convenience of doing it at home, in private, on one’s own schedule
• The cost is lower as there is far less hassle for all concerned
• As a client, one can choose from a wider range of practitioners
• As a practitioner, one can deliver anywhere in the world

Some disadvantages:

• There is less control over a long-distance communication line than if one is face-to-face
• Metering is not as positive, although this is easily compensated for with more emphasis on the pc’s interest and communications to the auditor
• It is not supported by every single tech opinion leader.

The advantages would seem to outweigh the disadvantages. So why isn’t it in wider use? The biggest stumbling block to a broad acceptance and use of distance auditing is that last one — some authorities say it ain’t proper.

I know of highly trained and experienced professional auditors who do distance auditing as well as face-to-face auditing, but they don’t dare speak of it on the record. They fear it will affect their reputation for providing “Standard Tech,”* and therefore their income and livelihood.

Here is an example from my own life. Between 2001 and 2004 I wanted to get some auditing. I wasn’t desperate for it, but I had some spare cash and thought it might be fun. However, I lived and worked with churchies in Los Angeles, and didn’t dare approach a local FZer in case it got out that I was frequenting “the dark side.” And I didn’t want to take a couple of weeks off work and make a long trip somewhere on the *hope* that it would be beneficial. So I did nothing. Finally in 2004 I gave Robert D. a phone call and arranged a session from him on the basis of if I didn’t like it there would be no charge, but if I wanted more it would be such-and-such an hour. I had the phone session, liked it, and never looked back.

After this positive experience in 2004 I wrote about phone auditing on a Freezone message board. I was shocked to discover the general attitude was that phone auditing wasn’t kosher and it is better to wait until one can get auditing “properly,” even if it took years and years. A few days ago I wrote to a FZer prominent in the “Standard Tech” crowd, and he expressed that same attitude. Remember that some people are still sitting in upsets from their CofS experiences 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. Profound relief is possibly only two phone calls and one hour away!

But no. No auditing is better than any auditing.



* “Standard Tech” is a huge button and selling point. I wrote an article here on that.


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  1. Copy/paste from a facebook discussion:

    MM That quote was never intended to justify deviating from the standard that LRH set up for auditing. One does not use paramedics to perform a heart operation. Paramedics are for emergency treatment, not standard treatment. So any auditing is better than none is an emergency procedure, not a standard technology.
    10 hours ago ·

    Paul Adams
    Oh really? “Emergency procedure” only? Got a reference for that?
    9 hours ago ·

    KB You do what you know how to do when a person requests help.
    7 hours ago ·

    Heidrun Beer There is an even more basic statement in “Science of Survival”, which says that anything that raises a person’s tone level is valid processing. However, after an elevating movie or a quickie with Mr. Universe I would fall back into my gloom if I were typically gloomy… so the real point, to me, is: does it raise the tone level PERMANENTLY?
    2 hours ago ·

    Heidrun Beer The crucial question in my opinion is whether a process dissolves either mental masses or non-optimum considerations, or trains thetan abilities. Any tech that does that is valid in my view. And I don’t care who wrote it – in the end they are all written by THETA THE SOLVER, regardless of its label in the physical universe.
    2 hours ago ·

    PS The biggest trap is: Anything is better than nothing.. at least in this universe…
    about an hour ago ·

    Paul Adams How about this view? Some pretty credible sources are saying it can work. Right now it is very controversial. How about doing more research? It’s not like one needs a billion dollar installation to carry it out.
    about an hour ago ·

    Paul Adams Oh — This comments column is awful for discussion. Plenty of space at the iCans link in the original post here.
    58 minutes ago ·

    KB I agree with Heidrun that anything that permanently converts entheta to theta is good. So the question is, does this kind of auditing do that? If yes, then good, and if no, then not good.(Sorry Paul, but if I responded in the comments section of the blog, it would appear out of context and not in relation to the discussion here).

    Paul Adams I copy/pasted it all to iCans, changing names to initials. If anyone objects, please tell me and I will edit out their comment and/or initials.
    about an hour ago ·

    Paul Adams BTW, I don’t think the statement “Any (no) auditing is better than no (any) auditing” is true as an absolute anyway.
    a few seconds ago

    Comment by Paul Adams | March 11, 2010 | Reply

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