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Ask Maxim a question

Maxim LebedevIntroduction: Maxim Lebedev lives in Moscow, Russia. He has been auditing over Skype since 2006. His webpage is here. I had a Skype conversation with him a couple of hours ago. He says he delivers standard Scn actions from the bottom up over Skype, including objectives (except CCHs 1-4).

He is very happy to answer questions about distance auditing and training. One of Maxim's sessions Simply add a comment to this post and he will add a comment providing an answer. If there is a problem with understanding since his native language is Russian and not English, I will try to sort that out with him. But if his answer is clearly understandable despite the English not being perfect, I will leave it as-is.

At some future time I will probably edit this post to incorporate the questions and answers into the post itself.  But for now, I will leave both the questions and answers as comments.

EDIT Mar 7, 5:15pm GMT: This is useful. I was talking to Maxim on Skype again. His words here are not verbatim.

PAUL: Tell me about Skype frame rates.

MAXIM: You need a minimum of 15 fps (frames per second) to read the meter properly. ADSL internet lines are much better than cable lines generally. You can see exactly what your sending frame rate and receiving frame rate is by going to your regular Skype box and turning on Tools > Options > Advanced >  Display technical info during calls. Hover the cursor over the video image you want data for, either yours or the other person’s, while you are talking to them. It only works when you are connected to each other.



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  1. Do you audit in English, Maxim? If someone in the UK or US wanted to get auditing from you, what would you say?


    Comment by Paul Adams | March 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. Yes, I already provided Dianetics book1, New Era Dianetics, Selfanalisis, assists in English.

    Comment by timecops | March 14, 2010 | Reply

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