Exploring auditing and training over the Internet

Directory listings at iCans

phone directoryPractitioners of distance auditing and training are listed for free in the directory at iCans with minimal information:

• Name, preferably real, that is used in the Indie or FZ community
• Type of distance service provided, i.e., Metered, Unmetered, Skype, Telephone, Telepathic metering
• Location, at least enough to determine the time zone
• Email address
• Website (optional) giving more details

There is no central certification authority out here. This has both benefits and drawbacks. One benefit is that one’s hard-earned certificates cannot be arbitrarily yanked because some senior is pissed off. One drawback is that a practitioner can claim whatever he wants to, and a prospective client has to hunt around to find out how good he/she is or isn’t.

I cannot endorse any particular practitioner as it would compromise my position. I will accept entries for the directory on a fast flow basis, within reason. Simply submit a comment to it. I won’t publish these as comments, but will cut and paste the information. Please provide it like this:

Alan Johnson | M-U-S-T-Tp | Melbourne, Australia | alanj@kswmail.com | alanjauditing.com
Frida Hejonn | U-T | Los Angeles, CA | casegain4all@gmail.com | none

You can use : or ; for a divider if you can’t find the | key.

The directory here is called Find-an-iPeep at present. This may change. Peep is slang for a person, plural peeps, or people as most folks say. 🙂



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  1. I have done extensive auditing on a remote basis and have had very good results with my PCs.
    Especially PCs who have had auditing in the past are catching on to it fast.

    For me it is an excellent approach to getting something to happen in the FZ and in Scn in general.

    In the CoS they audit the walls of the course room and at great expense in their GAT training line up.
    I find it’s a much better idea to audit one’s fellow man and do it for real!

    With the innovation of the internet this can be done easily and with a minimum of logistics and to excellent results.


    Rolf Dane
    Class 8

    Comment by Rolf Dane | March 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Great, Rolf. The only reason I haven’t put you in the directory here as a practitioner is that I don’t know all the required details for you. . . . 🙂


      Comment by Paul Adams | March 6, 2010 | Reply

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