Exploring auditing and training over the Internet

Remote auditing and training options

The familiar model for auditing is that the auditor and pc are in the same room, with or without a meter. The familiar training model uses a scheduled courseroom with a supervisor, students, checksheets and packs and other training materials. But now that the Internet is a central reality to almost all, there are other possible ways that auditing and training can be delivered. In brief, here are some options:

• Metered auditing via Skype (free software). The pc holds the cans, connected to an auto-reset* meter next to him facing the webcam. The pc’s face is also visible. The remote auditor is visible to the pc. The auditor sees the reads via the Skype image on his own monitor.

• Metered auditing via Skype. The pc holds the cans, connected to an Internet meter next to him. The pc’s face is visible. The remote auditor is visible to the pc. The auditor sees the reads via his Internet connection, as a meter dial along with the Skype image on his own monitor.

• Unmetered auditing via Skype. The auditor and pc are visible to each other.

• Unmetered auditing via telephone.

• Training via Skype. The student does self-study at home. When he needs help, he contacts via Skype a twin, or supervisor, or word-clearer. They do the study action together. Can include metered actions, like word-clearing or m/u checks as described above. Can include false data stripping, metered or unmetered. Both parties are visible to each other. The webcam can be directed at clay demos etc. as needed. Files containing written essays or digital photographs or scans of worksheets etc. can be easily shared via Skype, at the same time or later.  The student will then return to self-study until he needs the next interaction.

Note that since the Internet is a global network, an auditor’s or supervisor’s field is global too. Now there is no need to be limited by who lives within driving distance. There will always be a need for face-to-face action in some cases, but many routine actions can be done remotely to an acceptable standard.


*auto-reset meter: the TA is adjusted automatically so that the needle is always visible on the dial without the auditor needing to touch the meter. There will be an article soon on these.


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  1. OPTIONS. Oh, I do love the sheer freedom of that. For those of us not in the centralised nodes of activity, who live far, far away, this is truly a wonderful idea! It will also make it accessible for those who do not necessarily have the time, resources, or patience with Visa requirements to go schlepping across the world in order to pursue this activity.

    Comment by KB | March 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. I thought it should be possible in last century! 🙂 My only concern is how instant are the instant reads over the Internet connection?

    Comment by Tatiana Baklanova | March 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Telephone auditing has been done successfully since the 50s.

      Skype video depends on the quality of the connections, far more than the audio. If the computer set-up each end is good, and the broadband line each end is good, then I hear it is fairly reliable. I do not have personal experience of this. I do have personal experience of jittery Skype video, sometimes with a delay of a second or more although it is usually not as bad as that. Personally I wouldn’t even try to guess an instant read through that.

      Now, I rarely audit with a meter, so I do not have the problem of trying to spot instant reads over Skype. 🙂

      A true Internet meter, like Ralph’s C-meter, would not have this problem, as the signals are digital and not visual via Skype. I have a C-meter, and it works fine when used normally, but this morning I tried to get the distance software to work and I couldn’t. I wrote to Ralph about it but I haven’t heard back yet.

      One excellent solution is to use telepathic metering. It is excellent because the *pc* is not required to have a meter with him, only the auditor. The biggest problem with it is getting people to even try it out as it sounds so impossible.


      Comment by Paul Adams | March 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. well, I delivery web auditing since 2006. My 1st PC was Arabian men. We did Selfanalisis without e-meter. Later I start to deliver all processes of the Bridge (includes objectives). Usual Skype give 20-25 shots per second and delay 0,2 ms – its anough for instant reads.

    Comment by Maxim Lebedev | March 7, 2010 | Reply

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