Exploring auditing and training over the Internet

Indies and FZers embrace iCans. Well, hopefully.

Paul AdamsThe iCans blog promotes the broad use of distance training and auditing in the Indie or FZ community. This can be metered or unmetered, using the telephone or preferably Skype and a webcam too. iCans is also the name of a Facebook fan page.

The cans means meter cans, so iCans is not an acronym, although the i means Internet.  I can has a regular English meaning too, of course. Possible usage examples:

• I bet LRH would approve of the iCans concept!

• Have you tried iCans yet as a pc? Auditor?

• How much does an iCans set-up cost, with and without an auto-reset meter?

• Oh wow. Driving 500 miles for auditing instead of doing iCans is so 20th century, dude!

More to come. Articles, not examples.

Well, maybe examples too. Now use the word in another sentence. . . .



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